Personal Aesthetic Statement O’Mine

March 23, 2010

As a designer, my personal sense of aesthetic style has always been reflective of my own tastes and personality.  A good deal of what I find artistically stimulating me makes its way into my work, particularly in the subject matter I choose.  Oftentimes when I am thinking about what to do for my next project, I turn to previous art or ideas that have inspired me in order to move forward.

Some of my favorite visual art is fantasy art, much of which consists of fantastical characters or grandiose landscapes.  The sheer imagination and skill that goes into many fantasy paintings continually floors me, and throughout the years I have begun to shape my work in a manner that reflects a fantasy feel.  I will also create fantasy characters or scenes as a habit, because when I’m creating them I feel personally satisfied.  Another major source of inspiration is landscapes in general.  While many of these may be fantasy, I also immensely enjoy a mountain scene, waterfall scene, or other dramatic landscape.  Perhaps that’s why I like Environment Art and want go to go in that direction.

Fantasy literature has also been a huge source of inspiration for me, since it fuels my imagination just as much as visual art.  When I was in high school, many of my stories would follow the theme of a medieval hunter-type guy or something along that vein, and now, as I progress with my artwork, those same sentiments still run strong in my artistic bias.  If someone asked me to create a scene out of the blue, a medieval forest would probably be at the forefront of that which popped to my mind.

Also, on a more minor note, I love cultural art, particularly Asian art.  My bedroom is decorated entirely in black-lacquered Chinese-inspired furniture, and I do love to create Japanese-themed 3D props from time to time.  It’s not as major as fantasy art, but it still affects me.

Overall, with these visual and mental stimuli to guide me, along with my naturally curious and eclectic nature, the artwork I create generally has a polished, yet colorful and creative feel to it.  I only hope to continue to refine and upkeep my sense of style as time goes on.


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