Internet and Wireless Media Scavenger Hunt (Scavenging for Intarwebs)

October 25, 2009

My topic was that of Al Gore, and why he says he invented the internet.  So, why does he say that?  Because it’s true, or, at least, mostly true.  While he wasn’t the programmer guy who actually made the first code or anything like that, he was the key political figure who created legislation that made the internet come to be.  This was called the High Performance Computing and Communication Act of 1991, or the “Gore Bill,” because it was Mr. Gore who created and introduced it.  When the bill passed on December 9, 1991, it led to the creation of the National Information Infrastructure, which Gore called the “Information Superhighway.”  Among other things, it also led to the creation of the first web browser, Mosaic.  Gore decided to make the bill in the first place because he heard a report from Leonard Kleinrock of UCLA in 1988, who was a key creator of ARPANET, a predecessor of the internet.  Thus, Gore heard of this concept, realized its potential, and passed legislation which led to a widespread adoption of the technology.

Sources: (I know, WikiPedia, but I also used it to find the below sources)


3 Responses to “Internet and Wireless Media Scavenger Hunt (Scavenging for Intarwebs)”

  1. Check out this funny video of Al Gore singing “Unsustainable” about how humans are a curse on the Earth!

  2. Jason said

    Man Bear Pig.

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